Listening To Music

Listening To Music to Work Better, Myth or Reality?

Listening to music in the office is complicated, but teleworking gives us the possibility to do it without a problem. Many point out that listening to music to work better is a universal truth, but what does science say about it? Experts have spent decades trying to prove whether or not that statement is real. In principle, putting music to work shouldn’t bother anyone, and yet many people are unable to focus on background songs.

Listening To Music

There are many theories that have confirmed that listening to composers like Mozart or Beethoven has a great impact on the brain. Thus was born the ‘Mozart effect’, which supported that people who listened to the composer for ten minutes performed their daily tasks better. However, this theory is not scientifically proven

The ‘activation’ theory was developed during the 1960s. This stated that workers needed some mental stimulation in order to successfully perform boring tasks.

With all this, the constant desire of the experts to demonstrate that music does have positive effects on people while they perform certain activities is reflected. Although, for the moment, it has not been scientifically proven.

Still, many scientists support listening to music while doing some tasks, especially manual ones, like giving your brain a shot of caffeine. A 2001 study, proved that the tone and rhythm of the compositions cause a different mental response.

They showed that Mozart’s pieces improved the performance of a group of students, while Albinioni’s ‘Adagio’ decreased his concentration.

Without scientific evidence, but business, MAV Music appears, a consultancy specialized in the playlist for restaurants, casinos and hotels. Their playlists are personalized, because as Alex Hill, one of the consultant’s managers, assures: “You have to take into account demographic aspects, such as age, to select the best musical thread for workers during the different moments of the day.”

We don’t know if music can help us to work better, but what is clear is that we are each a world and when you enter the universe of productivity the difference between people is even greater.

Music to Disconnect

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