Tanzania Kanga Flag

Tanzania kanga Queer pride flag
Tanzania kanga Queer pride flag

Tanzania Kanga Flag


Kanga Quote translation:

"Yes I’ll live if you love me and of course I’ll still survive even if you don’t" - Quote submitted by Alex Waweru

This is the TRTL kanga honoring Tanzania’s Queer history.

Same-sex sexual acts are illegal in Tanzania and carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. And while sexual acts between women are not specifically banned in most of the country, they are illegal on the semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar and are punishable by up to five years imprisonment.

In recent years, Tanzania has become particularly hostile to Queer people, starting in 2016 with the Tanzanian government banning the importation and sale of sexual lubricants (lube) as they were considered to encourage homosexuality. In October 2017, the government banned health centers and programs that provided HIV/AIDS services to gay men, again stating that providing these services "promoted homosexuality". And finally, in October 2018, the governor of Dar es-Salaam announced the formation of a surveillance team dedicated to hunting down the Queer community and urged the public to report gay people to the authorities.

Amid all this though, there is the Queer rights group "LGBT Voice Tanzania" which was formed in 2009, and which is exclusively featured in this kanga design. LGBT Voice Tanzania is currently in the process of setting up the first free LGBT clinic in Tanzania, and it is this strong-willed response to the government crackdowns on health services for the Queer community that inspired the choice of the kanga saying, which says: "Yes I’ll live if you love me and of course I’ll still survive even if you don’t".

This kanga is printed on polyester flag material and measures 1 by 1.5 metres.

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