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Sweden kanga Queer Pride flag.png

Sweden Kanga Flag


Kanga Quote translation:

“If homosexuality is a disease, then let’s all call in sick to work" - Quote submitted by Kevin Okonji

This is the TRTL kanga honoring Sweden's Queer history.

Sweden legalized homosexual acts as early as the year 1944, however, its society still considered Queerness immoral and harmful so the Queer rights organization RFSL (or, in English: the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights) was formed in 1950. Initially, the organization concentrated on creating social spaces for its members to meet, but the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York inspired the younger activists and RFSL eventually became more actively and openly radical. This radicalization in its focus was marked by the opening of the curtains at “Timmy”, which was a meeting space RFSL members had used some-what secretly and whose windows had remained covered with curtains. It is this moment in RFSL's history that inspired this kanga's 'window' design that depicts a curtain blowing open to let in the light. The curtain in the design is drawn from the RFSL logo and honors their activism since then which has led Sweden into becoming one of the best countries in the world to be Queer.

Depicted in the kanga's border design is the Stockholm Pride event - the largest LGBTIQ event in Scandinavia and the largest annual event in Stockholm. In August of 1977, the RFSL organised the first liberation demonstration which was held in Stockholm. This annual demonstration evolved into the "homosexual liberation week", which finally evolved into the current "Stockholm Pride" event. The kanga's saying that translates to "If homosexuality is a disease, then let’s all call in sick to work" was chosen because of an actual event where a group of people "called in gay" to work so that they could protest the classification of Homosexuality as an illness. Later that year, Sweden was the first European country to declassify homosexuality as an illness!

This kanga is printed on polyester flag material and measures 1 by 1.5 metres.

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