Jamaica Kanga Flag

Jamaica kanga Queer pride flag
Jamaica kanga Queer pride flag

Jamaica Kanga Flag


Kanga Quote translation:

“Blessed are those who are like jewelry, to them everything is full of beauty"

Original Quote:

“Blessed are the fabulous for they see the glam in everything" - Quote submitted by Kamau Waweru

This is the TRTL kanga honoring Jamaica's Queer history.

Jamaica is considered one of the most homophobic countries in the world, and not just due to the influence from its incredibly anti-lgbt religious beliefs (with Rastafarianism and Christianity being the major religions in the country) but also because of its violently homophobic dancehall culture. In fact - in addition to homophobic murders and attacks - its most visible LGBT community are the "Gully Queens", who are young gay and trans men who've been chased away from home or shelter by their families and communities and live in storm drains or "gullys". This kanga's line pattern and quote were therefore inspired and dedicated to the community of Gully Queens for their incredibly resilient fabulosity in the face of so much adversity. This kanga also celebrates JFLAG (the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-sexuals and Gays) which was founded in 1998 and remains Jamaica's main LGBT advocacy group. JFLAG hosted the first Jamaican pride event in 2015. The kanga also honors: Maurice Tomlinson, a leading Gay Rights and HIV activist who is challenging the country's anti gay Sodomy Law; and Dexter Pottinger, a Jamaican fashion designer and gay activist who was dubbed “the face of Pride”. Unfortunately, Dexter was murdered in his own home in 2017.

This kanga is printed on polyester flag material and measures 1 by 1.5 metres.

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