Brazil Kanga Flag

Brazil Kanga Queer Pride Flag
Brazil Kanga Queer Pride Flag

Brazil Kanga Flag


Kanga Quote translation:

"Shouts to moans, smiles to tears, we love"- Quote submitted by Tindi Amadi

This is the TRTL kanga honoring Brazil's Queer history.

It is interesting to observe that Brazil - in general - seems to be a country full of contrasting truths: for instance, Brazil is home to one of the largest Catholic communities in the world (with 123 million believers out of a total population of 200 million) while also being one of the most violent countries in the world (where about 175 murders happen each day). Same-sex marriage has been legal in Brazil since 2013 and its annual São Paulo LGBT pride parade is the largest pride parade in the world, yet Brazil has the highest number of hate crimes and murders against its trans community in the world, with trans people and crossdressers only having a life expectancy of 35 years. This year (2018) - in a historic first - two trans politicians (Erica Malunguinho and Erika Hilton) secured places in São Paulo’s state legislature, while Jair Bolsonaro - an unapologetic homophobe - was elected as the president of Brazil in its October elections. It is the opposing realities like these in Brazil's Queer history that inspired the black-and-white, "night-and-day" design of the kanga, with its conflicting ideals also being captured in the kanga quote that says "Shouts to moans, smiles to tears, we love".

Also captured in the kanga are the organizations "Grupo Gay Da Bahia (or, GGB)" and the "GLBT Pride Association of São Paulo, (or APOGLBT SP)". The GGB was founded in 1980 and is the oldest Queer organization in Brazil, while the APOGLBT SP was formed in 1999 to manage the annual São Paulo LGBT pride parades.

This kanga is printed on polyester flag material and measures 1 by 1.5 metres.

Please give orders one week to ship.

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