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Congratulations on your choice to travel to Nairobi, Kenya for the To Revolutionary Type Love exhibition. Your choice to attend says a lot about your commitment and love for Kawira and her work with the queer community at large. Thank you.

You must be really excited by the invitation, whether you have or have never traveled to Kenya before. Thing is, we are thrilled you are considering it! And when you arrive, we’ll be even more excited to have you here! Below is a list of suggested places to stay or visit while you are here so your visit is as smooth as possible for you.

For some of you this may sound like a big commitment, but it’s easy to plan.

You simply check out the links that we have here, maybe do a bit more research for yourself and bingo - your destination visit is all set. While this is a recommended selection of places to stay and visit, we do encourage you to also go online, explore places you may find interesting, extend your stay and enjoy Kenya. We do not doubt that you will fall in love with our home as many before you have :)


Please NOTE: Like in a lot of places in Africa, and globally, being queer is not always acceptable and we always advice caution and care while visiting here


Hotels and Bed-and-Breakfast’s:

Clubs, Bars and Restaurants:

Conservation, Nature and Tourism Sites:

Art Spaces and Galleries:

Queer Friendly Tour and Travel Agents: