McDVoice Survey

McdVoice McDonald’s Customers Survey Guide

Have you visited a McDonald’s restaurant in the recent past? If the answer to that question is ‘yes’, then you should really consider taking part in the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey. The survey is designed to collect feedback from customers. Through the survey, you can get a chance to tell the folks who run McDonald’s whether your expectations were met. And if your expectations weren’t met, you can get to tell them what they need to do, in order to serve you better in the future. The McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey is designed to take very little of your time. Yet by participating in the survey, you can give your feedback, so as to ensure that you (and other customers) are served better in the future.

McDVoice Survey

What Is McDVoice Survey

This entire survey is related to you, the fans and customers, whom we want to see happy at all times. McDonald’s will do anything to keep a smile on that happy face of yours. We, here, are seeking your opinion from your recent visit to one/more of your restaurants. There are a number of things that we ensure to keep you guys happy. However, there are always a few things where everybody lags behind. McDVOICE is a platform where you can tell us about everything that McDonald’s needs to improve upon. Your opinions matter and rest be assured, we shall deliver. In this feedback survey, McDonald’s seeks your valuable opinion from your recent visit.

You shall be able to take the survey up to five times in a month. All you need to have is a valid receipt for the same. A single survey lasts for 30 days where you get a validation code (1 code per visit). Kindly make sure that you visit McDVoice since the entire survey is online-based. Once you visit McDonald’s, keep the receipt handy and visit the website. Simply enter your validation code and

Overall Satisfaction

This is self-explanatory as it deals with the overall satisfaction of the customer. Whether you liked the visit or you did not like it, you can share your feedback. The overall satisfaction is a vital feedback element that helps improve the overall quality. It is an averaged feedback that comprises of quality, cleanliness, service, intuitiveness and coordination.

Quality of Food served

Another one of the most important feedback elements for a restaurant. The quality of the staples that are being served, whether they are of the optimal quality or not. Whether the burger was overcooked, whether the fries were oily or whether everything was absolutely perfect. You can report all of that over here. Simply pour in your valuable feedback on the website and win exciting offers and even money.

Quality of service offered

McDonald’s has always been at the top of the chain for customer-satisfaction. The employees have been nice and helpful and they bring a smile on your face. You can now give feedback on the type and quality of service that you received. McDonald’s has always been well-known for its food and good service. Thus, you can easily expect some amazing service here.

Other Important Feedbacks in the Survey


Another thing that McDonald’s especially works towards is the cleanliness of the restaurants. It is practically impossible to find a speck of dust anywhere in the restaurants. You can give your valuable feedback (or take the survey) and get rewarded for the same. Have you ever seen feedbacks/surveys where you actually get rewarded? Well, here is your chance for that.

Coordination of staff

McDonald’s hires the best staff that is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They tend to provide you with good food, a hospitable ambience and a smiling face. On McDVoice, you can share your feedback about the employees as well. Either take the survey or give your feedback (it is up to you). You will get rewarded either way so come on, tell us what you think about our staff. You can give feedback on staff behaviour and win real money, food coupons and more.

Will you be returning?

Every restaurant owner wants a positive reply to this one. Were you overall satisfied and all? Will you be returning to McDonald’s again? If a reply to these questions is affirmative then say no more and simply take the survey today. There are chances of you winning cashback and real money that you can spend. So, come on and start your survey by simply accessing and earn rewards, points and real cash.